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cadetsadoff asked: What are the everyday challenges you face being a big girl?

cadetsadoff asked: What's the reaction and feedback you get when your family sees you continuing to grow?

I might be talking about this in a video soon ;)

explosive-lead asked: Do you have Kik if so can I Kik you?

nope I don’t

gustygarden asked: What's the largest thing you have crushed with your body?

ummmm not sure actually

candy-bar-ssbbw asked: Do you meet with fans for squashing/facesitting? if so, how can we proceed?


44bbwssyessspls asked: You are absolutely gorgeous, always lookin so adorable and so so sexy. So I was wondering what kinda guys do you go for? Do you have a 'type' persay?

no type really

it’s all individual

and personality/views/etc play a big role in how interested I am