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44bbwssyessspls asked: You are absolutely gorgeous, always lookin so adorable and so so sexy. So I was wondering what kinda guys do you go for? Do you have a 'type' persay?

no type really

it’s all individual

and personality/views/etc play a big role in how interested I am


I can give you what you wantI can make your heart beat shortI can make you ice cream We could be a sweet team Melting in your vice dreams, sport 


I can give you what you want
I can make your heart beat short
I can make you ice cream 
We could be a sweet team 
Melting in your vice dreams, sport 

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kitroscoe asked: Do you have KIK or Snapchat?


gustygarden asked: Have you ever lost something in one of your fat rolls ?

omg yes

one time I misplaced my tweezers when  I was doing my eyebrows, and it wasn’t until I stood up and took a few steps that they dropped out from between my belly hang and thigh lol 


Outtakes lol 

moobacca asked: Would you ever do any face sitting or squashing?

With a boyfriend or girlfriend maybe lol

gustygarden asked: How much did you weigh in high school?

I think my highest highschool weight was 320

rotchmike asked: Why do most of your videos on your site have music? You have such a beautiful voice; I think most members (myself included) would prefer hearing you talk instead of music.

Oh I love talking in videos too, I just sometimes want the focus on how my body moves and jiggles, but I definitely have videos coming up that include talking. 
I also was planning on shooting something on monday with talking, but it will depend on if my cold is gone :( I woke up this morning with a stuffy nose and that’s just no fun :(