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Ok so today I woke up to the blue screen of death.


I managed to make the laptop work enough to start backing everything up desperately, but it looks like I have to do the thing I don’t want to do… ask for help. I was hoping to have more time to sell things and save up in order to avoid this, because people can be such jerks about fundraisers, but I’m stuck. 

I hate asking for help, but this laptop business couldn’t have come at a worse time. School is starting back up in 4 weeks, I have work that needs to be done (it’s all done on a computer, so no computer = no work done; no work = even less money), specifically a MAC (and it’s programs) for a large portion of the work, as well as MAC specific lessons in school. 

I work, I pay bills, but this is one expense I cannot do right now, and so while there are certainly some more crucial causes out there (pets needing vet appointments, people needing medical care help, etc), all of which I truly hope meet their goals, and encourage you to help if you are able, I too need to ask for help, and so if you can, and you want to, I would really appreciate it. If you can’t, you still have all my love and panda hugs!

I will shortly be selling scarves, mitts, hats, knitted headbands, and doggy sweaters/hoodies, all hand knit, with custom colours, and all profits will go directly to the laptop fund, so if you would prefer to order something, information for that will be linked below once it is up and running. 

I also have started putting together a storeenvy shop to sell off some gently used and never worn clothes in order to also add to the laptop fund, which I will add a link to as soon as it’s ready to go.

Ok so I don’t really have any art skills (see links below for proof lol), but if someone donates, and would like me to doodle them something as a thank you, I am more than willing to try my best! Just add a msg to your donation, or msg me on my tumblr pardonmewhileipanic.tumblr.com, mention your name and what you would like drawn, and I will bust out my markers/coloured pencils (you pick) and do my best. 

Samples of my horrible freakin’ art:

A lot of people are super judgemental about people asking for help, which really says a lot more about them than the person asking, so I’d like to state the following:
1. No one is forcing you to donate
2. No one is being oppressed by asking for donations for a laptop, so if you’re mad, that’s on you
3. If you have nothing nice to say, hush.
4. If a person has the means, and chooses to donate, that is their choice, so also shush. 
5. You being a butthead isn’t going to change anything, ok? ok. 

LINK TO MY GOFUNDME: http://www.gofundme.com/crp5p4

If for any reason that link/site doesn’t work for you, I have a regular paypal donation button on the main page of my blog. Just make sure to mention in the message portion of the donation that it is for the laptop fund, and your blog name and art request if you have one! Again, it’s terrible terrible art, but it’s all I can offer right now.

Ok, that about covers it. Thank you again even for just checking this out. <3

Hey, I’m reblogging this onto my site account as well, because why not? more people might see and help me out :) 


Don’t you wanna know how we keep startin’ fires
Its my desire, its my desire, its my desire


Don’t you wanna know how we keep startin’ fires

Its my desire, its my desire, its my desire

mikefreedomalvarado asked: Hi! WOW!! Seriously! DAMN Jackie!! :O You're SOOO beautiful:') Can i know how much do you weigh? Sorry if that sounds bad, not trying to:( Most beautiful girl I've ever seen!!! *Big Hug and a Spank with love* :D

if you want to know my weight, go to www.juicyjackie.com

thenuggle asked: Omg I have the same panda top as you! Best shirt ever. Looks way better on you though!

awwww thank you! but i’m sure it looks great on you too! 

supertotallynotpornblog asked: are you currently in a relationship? this isn't me trying to get with you, i'm honestly just curious.

Nope, I am single :)

uaslutlol asked: Why are you so perfect :(

I drink unicorn blood lol

gimmeallthebellies asked: Where do you buy your lingerie and clothes?

lane bryant







asos curve


etc :)


I love the imposing width and the mesmerizing jiggle!!

I wish there was a whole video like this (maybe with some squeezies too…)


Did I ever share this? No? Ok.

the whole video is at www.juicyjackie.com :)

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rotchmike asked: You are, in my opinion, the most beautiful woman in the world by far, and I absolutely love all of your site updates. Have you considered doing a stuffing video, where you see how much you can eat in one sitting? Just eating as much as you possibly can... that would be an awesome update. Thanks, and best wishes as always :)

That sounds like a FABULOUS idea! I will see what I can do for you the next time I do a shoot! mmmm yummy foods <3