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gustygarden asked: How often do you go to the beach and when you do, do people usually stare at your big jiggly body?

I don’t tend to notice if people are staring every time, but when the fattest person aside from me looks to be no more than 250lbs, it’s a good guess that people are looking lol

i try to go at least a few times every summer

goofymcgoof asked: what are some things that turn you on?


fat wallets

open bar

discount codes

finding snacks i forgot about

butt rubs

bighomiemalone66 asked: Ur extremely gorgeous, words can't describe bur true beauty.

aww thank you

rotchmike asked: Hi Jackie, I've been a member of your site twice before, and I recently joined once again :) You continue to grow more beautiful each day. My favorite update of yours was the balloon popper video; would you consider doing something like that again?

Absolutely hun! 

It was so fun :)

itsgyouknow asked: Would you ever come to London & meet some of the fans over here ??x

I’ve never been there. I wouldn’t mind going on day, but I have no plans. Plane tickets (especially when you need two) are a fortune

gustygarden asked: What are the pros and cons of having such a big belly?

pros - ooohhhhhh so much to jiggle! 

cons - I get stuck in doorways/turnstiles, and sometimes it’s hard to find good clothes lol

pronger20 asked: How many inches is your ass?

You can find out on my site :D