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cadetsadoff asked: How tall are you and how big are your hips?

i’m 5’4” and my hip measurements can be found on my site :)

cadetsadoff asked: What's your favorite food to eat?


candy-bar-ssbbw asked: Hi Jackie, I live in Quebec, what do I have to do to meet with you?

Probably attend an event in Toronto

young-old-man asked: Hey Jackie, what part of Canada are you from?


biggirlsrokk asked: Any chance you can re-create the "Hips of an Angel" set? One of my favorites!!!

I will put that on my to do list ;)

ren-arde asked: What are your opinions on the movie "Shallow Hal"?

I haven’t watched it in YEARS so I can’t give a current answer, but based on what I remember, it’s basically crap

cadetsadoff asked: What are the everyday challenges you face being a big girl?

cadetsadoff asked: What's the reaction and feedback you get when your family sees you continuing to grow?

I might be talking about this in a video soon ;)

explosive-lead asked: Do you have Kik if so can I Kik you?

nope I don’t

gustygarden asked: What's the largest thing you have crushed with your body?

ummmm not sure actually