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gimmeallthebellies asked: Where do you buy your lingerie and clothes?

lane bryant







asos curve


etc :)


I love the imposing width and the mesmerizing jiggle!!

I wish there was a whole video like this (maybe with some squeezies too…)


Did I ever share this? No? Ok.

the whole video is at www.juicyjackie.com :)

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rotchmike asked: You are, in my opinion, the most beautiful woman in the world by far, and I absolutely love all of your site updates. Have you considered doing a stuffing video, where you see how much you can eat in one sitting? Just eating as much as you possibly can... that would be an awesome update. Thanks, and best wishes as always :)

That sounds like a FABULOUS idea! I will see what I can do for you the next time I do a shoot! mmmm yummy foods <3


fucking checkmate you dumb sjw cunt


lol sorry but i don’t read anything by people who use ableist and sexist language

it’s clear you’re a manbaby who is crying over my lack of fucks to give you

please cry more while cowering behind “anon” lol

fyi, valid opinions come with names and faces, not hiding like a scared dog

scoot along pooch ;)

mikr3w-deactivated20140416 asked: My girlfriend cheated on me with my friend, so I told her "the only way I'll take you back is if you gain weight" so it was going good she put on like sixty pounds ,but it just wasn't enough ya know? So I showed her a picture of YOU and I said get that big. Then she dumped me! Where are the big women at?

Maybe if you didn’t try and compare women in order to “motivate” and pit them against each other in some unrealistic battle for beauty, then you wouldn’t be currently single.

I do NOT approve of cheating by anyone, but demanding she vastly alter and manipulate her BODY in order for you to feel better about dating her, sounds like you were more interested in finding her BODY sexually appealing for your own needs, rather than actually forgiving her as a person.

Cheating is NOT ok, but manipulation, demanding massive body changes, and abusing her willingness to do whatever it takes to apologize is not ok. No wonder she left. I would have too.

If she wanted to gain weight on her own, regardless if she was dating you or not, that would be one thing, and is her body and her choice to make. It would also be her choice to share that experience with you. 

Being manipulated into changing her body however is just not ok. 

If you came here looking for support or sympathy, you came to the wrong place. 

Feeding/weight gain/anything sexual in nature needs to be CONSENSUAL, not COERCIVE. 

Also please never demand someone try and look like me again. Women have whole industries and societies telling us we’re not good enough for XYZ reason, we sure as shit don’t need more of the same from men.

bradleyb11 asked: Do you live in Canada

I do I do. :)