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mikefreedomalvarado asked: Hi! WOW!! Seriously! DAMN Jackie!! :O You're SOOO beautiful:') Can i know how much do you weigh? Sorry if that sounds bad, not trying to:( Most beautiful girl I've ever seen!!! *Big Hug and a Spank with love* :D

if you want to know my weight, go to www.juicyjackie.com

thenuggle asked: Omg I have the same panda top as you! Best shirt ever. Looks way better on you though!

awwww thank you! but i’m sure it looks great on you too! 

supertotallynotpornblog asked: are you currently in a relationship? this isn't me trying to get with you, i'm honestly just curious.

Nope, I am single :)

uaslutlol asked: Why are you so perfect :(

I drink unicorn blood lol

gimmeallthebellies asked: Where do you buy your lingerie and clothes?

lane bryant







asos curve


etc :)


I love the imposing width and the mesmerizing jiggle!!

I wish there was a whole video like this (maybe with some squeezies too…)


Did I ever share this? No? Ok.

the whole video is at www.juicyjackie.com :)

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rotchmike asked: You are, in my opinion, the most beautiful woman in the world by far, and I absolutely love all of your site updates. Have you considered doing a stuffing video, where you see how much you can eat in one sitting? Just eating as much as you possibly can... that would be an awesome update. Thanks, and best wishes as always :)

That sounds like a FABULOUS idea! I will see what I can do for you the next time I do a shoot! mmmm yummy foods <3