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mykatsumasa asked: hello, when you make other cosplay of MLP ? It was very good !

not sure. I have a different plan for this halloween


I just want short shorts and a sports bra so I can squeeze my body into them like a sausage. Is that so much to ask?

Someone should buy them for me and get sneak peek pics in return

blaero87 asked: Hello! I just stopping by to say hello and I hope you have a wonderful day!

awww thank you <3

Casual reminder that I am under no obligation to run this blog at all, much less make regular posts. 

If you don’t like the amount of free preview pictures posted here, I can tell you exactly where to go. 


You can find thousands of pics and vids for your viewing pleasure

Complaints about not enough free stuff will be met with indifference and an eye roll


Having pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes with fatadditives

The potatoes are already gone, and this is my second piece of pie




kylerichert asked: Hi! Been a big fan for a long time. Just curious, you haven't done a weigh-in video in about a year, any plans to do one soon?

omg has it really been a year?! wow. I think I better get on that in the near future!!! I have been so excited about a few sets I plan to do that it totally slipped my mind how long it’s been!